Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sunshine-y today

The sun felt so good today. I took a moment to tell my son that I loved how the sun warmed up the inside of my car on a cool toasty. He likes saying toasty. He likes to say things that make him laugh and the way they sound together make him laugh. When he was a baby he used to laugh so hard if I said words that had the letter "p" or "b" in several syllables, like the words: pumpkin, pepper, pumpernickel, pepe le pew, bye bye or bubbly. Now he laughs at the tone and the rhythm of words put together especially if I am being really silly when I say something quickly and abruptly. He laughs so hard he says he can't breathe. I get a real kick out of seeing him laugh like that. His eyes light up and he has the best little grin.

Fun and Fun Company & Funny things kids say

Tonight, I enjoyed the company of a few of my co-workers that are also friends. We enjoyed good Italian food and tiramisu for dessert. YUM. After we ate we hung out and I gave one of my friends some jackets that I had no more use for. She was happy to take them. Her son wrecked the family car and since she lives within walking distance to work, she's been walking to work but the weather has been quite cold and I realized I could give her a really warm jacket that I did not care much for that was next to new. She looked happy to have it and I also gave her two jackets for her sons. I hope they like them but if not, they can just pay them forward to someone else. Remember when I got the anonymous $50.00 in a Christmas card - well this is my way of paying it forward. I have more than enough and enough to share.

On a lighter note, my son made me laugh several times in the last few weeks by the things he says. He makes me laugh often but some things are just funnier than others. A few weeks ago, I was listening to him as he told me something but my thoughts wandered and I missed part of what he said so I had to ask him to repeat himself. He was pretty annoyed at me and said in clear and enunciated words "Hello! Mr. Poor Listening Skills..." I fell out laughing after a moment of being stunned at his observation over my inability to focus on what he was saying. I thought, "well, I never," but then I just started laughing. The other thing that was quite endearing and amusing was his reaction to my mentioning Super Target. I think he did this more to be cute and silly, rather than because he just did not get it. I said something about going to Super Target and from the backseat of my car I hear him chime in, "Super Target ... they made Target Super?" I looked up and saw the sweetest, little, mischievious smile in my rear view mirror and then wrinkling his little nose, his precious little eyes twinkling, he finished by asking, "Did they put a cape and a mask on Target like Superman?" It was sweet and it was even sweeter that he was being silly but what was cuter to me was that I knew what he was doing and he seemed tickled that I knew and that he was making me laugh.

I just feel complete when I see his sweet little face smiling up at me.

Personality Types

My first graduate class - advanced managerial communication has this section on Emotional Intelligence. It talks about understanding and empathizing. It also talks about personalities. I took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II test and I apparently fall into the INFJ type. I tend to fit the Counselor Idealist type INFJ. It's quite interesting because I have taken this test before and I always fall into the Idealist category.  So my answers are consistent enough to land me in that category.

The book for this course is so much common sense that I wonder why they have it in a graduate course but I guess business administration is all about common knowledge to some degree. It's not that it's easy but it does remind you of how much we forget about the tried and true concepts. We complicate things so much that sometimes the easier something seems the less we believe in it.

Still here..

I am still here. Just hanging in there as my life gets a bit busy. My son is attending his new school and riding the bus from his home school area. I am really glad he likes the bus because it makes it easier and he learns to be a bit more independent. He has been doing great at his new school as well. All reports point to a real valiant effort on his part to keep it together. He is a sweet little guy.

I started classes this Wednesday so I have not been MIA because of my MBA classes but because work has been a real bear these last two weeks. Things are easing up a bit but now we are under new supervision. I have the same boss but he has a new boss. One of my co-workers is being moved to a new office to be closer to the new boss because she wants her own office manager - so that leaves our office without one but she is taking some of her job duties with her so that won't leave me as the dumping ground that I usually am.

Back to the classes - I am only enrolled in one of my graduate classes for the time being. I want to make sure I don't bite off more than I can chew. If I feel I can handle two classes next session I might push myself to do it. The class I am in is, Advanced Managerial Communication.  Lots of b.s. about sending the message the right way and the rhetorical situation of communication.

Overall, I am just the usual me though. I am not that big on the New Year's Resolution band wagon. I figure anytime is a good time for change. For instance, every now and again I go from saying I need to bring lunch and economize but then a few days later that changes to aw! what the heck - you can't take it with you. It's not that I don't stand for anything strongly but some things are not that big of a sweaty deal.

Friday ... at long last ...

It's been a doozie of a week for me. I have been sooo busy with my little boy. He sure keeps me on the go. I was out of work due to my cold/cough and also out to help in the abbreviated school schedule for my son. The schedule is shortened for him due to the sensory issues and meltdowns which are a trait of the Aspergers disorder.

At any rate, I am pooped out. I nearly did not get on here to post but I did not want anyone to think that stalkers got me.

I was reading in the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) that the Kia Motor Co. is set to open a plan in the West Point area of Georgia. This sounded like ground breaking news but when I googled West Point, Georgia I found that Wikipedia has a line that reads: "Kia Motors of South Korea announced on March 12, 2006 that they would build their first North American plant in West Point." Map image and quote source are from Wikipedia. This is also supposed to create a tug-of-war in the fight for jobs given that this area is right up near many Alabama counties.

Also on the front page of th AJC is a bloodied deceased Iraqi native. I thought protocol was not to show any excessively gory images in the media at all. Maybe I am wrong. The article is in Friday's paper and is titled: "Rising Violence in Iraq vexes Military."


Yesterday was a nice relaxing day as was most of my weekend but I did head out to the ant hill that is the Mall and bought a few things. I did not go into the Mall of Georgia itself but instead went to places like Michael's and MovieStop. At Michaels, I bought this glycerine soap, soap dye, soap fragrance. I thought it would be a good project with my son. I got blue dye knowing that he would not go for orange or pink soap.

After that romp in Michaels, where all chaos had broken loose and mad groups of people were readying for the fast approaching holidays, I went to MovieStop. They always have really cheap movies, VHS mind you. I got a few because they were .99 cents each. I watched one last night ... it is Six Degrees of Separation. The actors are Stockard Channing,
Will Smith and Donald Sutherland. It is a recreation of a stage play by John Guare. It is a very different and intriguing movie. I never imagined Will Smith playing a mentally deranged person.

I also got Wishful Thinking with Drew Barrymore, Sense & Sensability because I have never seen it, Risky Business which even though it has mentally challenged Tom Cruise in it has always been one I have been much jeered at for never watching.

For my son I got Dr. Seuss, P.D. Eastman animations titled: Are you my mother? and The Best Nest. He has the textbook version of these and he loves for me to read them to him. I also got him a Knight Rider DVD because he loves all things related to heroic vehicles. He loves the Back to the Future Trilogy and hopes to one day own a Delorean, he loves any thing train related and now Knight Rider. I guess I can tolerate cheesy Hasselhoff for my son. Sometimes, I can't believe I am his mother. I have to ask myself, Am I a mother? Am I his mother? God you prankster you. God has a great sense of humor.

Three Things....

Three things I have noted today:

I am home thanks to my son. Oh the joys of parenting. I actually did not want to be at work and this morning I was wondering (I actually prayed) where I'd find the will power not to bitch slap certain co-workers. Then my phone rang and an unknown number on my caller ID intrigued me until I learned it was my son's school calling. Let's just say his behavior has not been exemplary. Again, I noted, God answers prayers with a sense of humor.

The second thing I noted today, was Tom Cruise has not changed his acting since Risky Business. I guess when you find something that works - you just have to stick with it. That is until your behavior gets you in trouble. Isn't that weird - what I have learned today is about behavior. I found I can get me time if my son is in time out for the rest of the day.

The third thing I have become keenly aware over time and have seen in boldface letters is the fact that being a parent makes you feel totally impotent . How can someone so cute, small and sweet make you so nuts? I love my son but sometimes I just want to run away from home because of him.